A thought.

Walking along a dark corridor and I come upon a glowing object in the middle of a dark room.  I’ve never seen an object like this, scared at first; my curiosity beckons me to investigate it further.  This glowing object is in a shape of box its height is just above my knee, about 30 inches, and is almost square in width.  The light that comes from within the box is bright white, intense, and comforting. It’s sleek and clean by design.

A blue book binder is on top of this box with silver duck tape holding it closed.   Pulling the duck tape off, I slowly open the binder finding it full of slides, hundreds of them in plastic sleeves.  At first I can’t make out what they are pictures of, so I pull one out of its sleeve, placing it on top of the glowing box, using it as a light box, to discover it’s a picture of the Universe.  Turning the page to another sleeve I pull another slide and it’s a picture of an Egyptian ruin.  Flipping to the middle of the book, pulling another slide, I find it’s a picture of Jesus dying on the cross.  Later noticing that each sleeve is label in Spanish by categories in the following order: Universe, Archeology, Idols, Bible, Crosses, Missions, Buildings, Bibles, Temptations, The Ten Commandments, Jesus’ birth, Jesus praying, Jesus standing, Jesus judge, Crucifixion, Jesus in Modern Times, The Second Coming, Angels, Landscapes, Flowers, and Spiritualism.   The slides are also individually labeled referencing the image.

All of this is a thought.