The Object.

This article is a continuation of a past post titled A Thought.

For two weeks a notebook lay on top of a transformer outdoors, exposed to the elements until I took possession of the notebook.  To my surprise it was full of slide transparencies depicting religious themes.  I travel through life looking for signs from a higher power, and so I wonder if God was speaking to me through the slide images I had found.

My father once said that the Bible states “men should get as close to God as possible,” by which my father interpreted: one should get as physically close as possible to the church altar on Sundays.

I take on the role of a minister by simulating a transcendental experience.  The sculpture that I have created is the size and shape of a real transformer,which is fabricated of translucent white acrylic by me to give it an otherworldly look and be installed as a church altar.  In my exhibition, I place the notebook on top of my acrylic version of the transformer, leaving the notebook open, to invite the curious, to reflect as I did on the religious themes displayed.